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2021 - You are the Golden Pearl of Pure Potential!

Precious hearts of Humanity…behold this New Year of 2021 where you will look to the light of the Great Central Sun and welcome the Golden flames of the Golden Age of the glorious Golden Gateway to the New Earth Paradigm of Miracles made Manifest!

Miracles of Peace, Prosperity and Purpose born through your holy heart star flame that radiate above, below and beyond into the hearts of beautiful souls who have chosen service, chosen love, chosen Joy!

For this is a year, of many more years, where you will come to know the true meaning of surrender; surrendering to Trust, to Your Truth and to the Wisdom, Power and Love within you.

This is how you shall begin to bring about all blessings bestowed upon you; trusting in your truth as a spiritual being of a true Divine nature that needs no-thing outside of the love in your heart to live in harmony and wholeness and to feel beautifully and powerfully connected, directed and unaffected by the illusions that appear very real.

Illusions, in truth, are the negative natures and realities of people who seek to control your capacity to co-create from within and may even come clothed as people portraying positive influence but actually are seeking to only feed doubt, confusion and confrontation, rather than crystalline clarity, infinite possibility and the freedom to fulfil your dreams and personal decisions that flood from your higher self when you are in right relationship with your light as One Great Light, as the luminous rays of the mighty Sun Source that holds the heart of Divine Mother/Father God that now empowers your intuition, your imagination and your ability to magnetise the perfect conditions to create your life as you Love to live it!

A life that flows with ease and grace; that grows from a fresh heart space exploring  a natural soul expression that seeks only to experience itself as love made manifest, as love in action, as love in leadership, embracing an evolution that is rising from a river of renewal and revelation…that IS the Divine Feminine Force flourishing now as a fierce faith that ignites every cell and every substance as your sacred self bows to behold the exquisite light that emanates from your heart as your spiritual self re-remembers the Divine Truth… that you are powerful and perfected as pure potential. Now all possibilities open, as portals of infinite grace gather you into the vast fertile cosmic space that is love…Be led by Love.

For you are love, in union with the heart of Mother/Father Divine, a natural communion that brings balance and bliss and breaks down barriers, borders and anything that is less than the light of love.

Do you know how powerful you are in your potential when you wield your mighty words of I AM and claim all that is yours by Divine Right?

You hold the force of mighty ocean currents and you will ‘pull’ in new perspectives and potential and outcomes when you recognise that you are magnetic to the Miracles of the Golden Age of Aquarius…YOU are able to magnetise and actualise all that you wish to see in your world through the power of love.

Soften into surrender and let your gifts grow; your unique gifts of natural intuition, sensitivity, heightened awareness, they all now gently reveal more of your radiance - like a luminous pearl pushing back its hard outer shell to simply shine and share it’s beauty, enveloping its environment with beauty too.

Behold the beauty of you as the beloved Golden Pearl; born of the ocean and created through conditions and circumstance of your own soul’s journey to now feel ready to revel in your natural radiance.

Your vulnerability is vital to co-creating a Golden Crown of Consciousness that guides the hearts of humanity back to the Divine truth that all Wisdom, Power and Love is within you and that through love you shall embody the truth of Christ Consciousness, free from rigid religion and full of the rich revelations that the heart of The Christ creates through you! Creates with the Shekinah Light that lives in your holy heart and shepherds you to the summit of your soul’s success through JOY!

Joy is the juice that will quench your spiritual thirst and fuel your faith, unaffected by world illusion. A truth that is perfected through the power of gratitude, appreciation, kindness, care and laughter…laughter is your light radiating joy and joy joins your journey as you pioneer your infinite potential in this Golden Age of Miracles Made Manifest…

…and it all begins with a simple choice…to choose Love…for you are Love and as Love you will experience more love when you behold that you are the beloved -  born of the Sun, mothered by the Moon; a holy star flame in a physical garment learning to shine your light so brightly that you blind the darkness and beautify the divineness because you become the light!

Always look through the lens of Love and be the messenger for all blessings from above, carrying the Crown of Consciousness that creates and inspires pure potential, prosperity and peace…Be that. Be the Golden Pearl.

Namaste.  Namaste.  Namaste.

***Channelled from the Ruby Ray Temple of the Great Central sun through AshaTara…means ‘Hope Shining beautiful Joy’ xxx