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A Love (Yourself) Story for the March Equinox

Beautiful Soul Travellers, whenever the energy is aligning with a significant earthly event like a full moon, solstice, equinox, etc I find that my awareness is often flooded with an animal, an ascended master, a symbol, a song or all of the above and it is up to the magic in me to unravel the mystery of the message that is rising through Divine Intelligence (which is the heart) from the Source of ‘unseen’ support to be recognised, realised and revealed so that I can write, speak, shine and share the energy that is seeking to be enlightened within me and within you.

 This week leading up to the Equinox, my awareness was flooded with the eye of Blue Whale and a very specific song; ‘Roxanne’ by Sting. I did not hear this song playing on the radio or in my environment, it simply started ‘singing’ through me.

 I knew that blue Whale was birthing strong currents of cosmic Christ Consciousness through our Being, calling for us all to remember our soul song, our unique expression, to not be silent with the waves of love that rise and fall and flow within our hearts, aligning us with equilibrium and the legacy of the Ancients, those that have walked before us, leaving seeds of light to surface as truth, presence and power within. But I still did not quite understand Roxanne.

 This morning I went ‘Live’ into my private Facebook group of Temple AshaTara where I offer guided meditations which are essentially activations for your soul’s perfect plan. We journeyed deeply into the vast ocean of love, travelling with Blue Whale, gazing into her ‘eye’ of enlightenment to experience her huge heart for humanity…that we hear her calling for us to sing our soul song, to truly Love Out Loud.

 It was not until after the meditation and sharing with my beloved husband Shayne that I came to understand the relevance of the song ‘Roxanne’.

 The name Roxanne means shining light, to be radiant like the brilliant sun.

 The original inspiration for this song was based on a true story of a French nobleman, Cyrano de Bergerac who saw himself as ugly and not worthy of the love of Roxanne; he wrote letters to her pretending to be another man (whom she married) and kept his secret, even upon his deathbed when Roxanne realised the truth that it had been Cyrano all along, he would not admit his love…he died with his ‘music’ still inside him. He denied himself the opportunity of giving love and Roxanne the opportunity of receiving love….where they both could have lived the truth that they were worthy of great love.

 As this sad story landed in my heart this morning I understood deeply the perfection of this song, aligned with the blessings of Blue Whale to birth true equilibrium with the energy of the Equinox.

 Love every aspect of your darkness as equally as you love your light, for you are worthy of love, you are a Star Child of the Universe, born to live in balance and bliss.

 The mystery of the message of blue Whale and Roxanne that has been flooding my awareness is now fully revealed and I feel so grateful for the true beauty of this blessing for me and for you…


 Shine and share your gifts like a radiant sun…be in balance with the beauty of life that simply seeks to express the experience of Love…only Love is real. Thank you for receiving this story xxx