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Adding Layers of Love to Your Home Decor

Your home decor should feel warm, welcoming and personal

I believe that all of us have a natural inner sense that knows when our sacred home space doesn't feel quite right, even though we may have spent time de-cluttering and simplifying.

Adding layers of love does not mean adding new 'clutter'. It means introducing texture (for warmth and interest) and meaning (for inspiration and joy). Both these elements will feel beautiful if they are personal favourites from travel destinations, hold magical memories or special spiritual significance for your journey.

Layers of loving texture could be a cozy woollen rug that feels heavenly under your feet, a natural linen throw, decor pieces in rustic timbers or perhaps some simple shells, crystals or flowers.

Bringing in layers of loving meaning can be as simple as placing an inspirational book or journal on a coffee table or displaying a deity or statue that is symbolic of your intentions for greater peace and prosperity, like Buddha or Lakshmi. And don't forget that your Mala beads will look gorgeous draped around your statues and to have your daily oracle card visible for extra inspiration.

Above all else, express your soul! If you cannot shine and share your true divine nature in your home...then where? When you surround yourself with beauty, life feels more beauty-full!

Sending you all happiness, joy and inspiration...Tanya xxx ​​​​​​​

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