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April Full Moon in Scorpio

It has been written in the stars of the Cosmos that on the April Full Moon (also known as Wesak) an outpouring of Divine Love and Light floods the earth with the energies of beloved Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus and a hierarchy of heavenly guardians to illuminate your heart and spiritual evolution.

The magic of this moon is enhanced by the mystery of Scorpio who sees through the illusions of your mind and seeks to know only the beauty of your soul. Scorpio loves transparency and will support total transformation on all levels with great love!

Let us re-remember the recent New Moon that nurtured your Phoenix spirit and magnified your courage to create from the wisdom, power and love within your holy heart.

May you also remember that all the Masters and Mothers of the Great Central Sun needed to experience the energy of the earth, to experience the energy of enlightenment…

You are a Flower Child of the Universe experiencing bud to bloom alchemy through the elements of the earth and the exquisite Cosmic Christ Consciousness…this Full Moon you will flourish in the grace of the Divine light that illuminates the evolution of your soul’s perfect plan by simply being unapologetically you.

Let go of the need to over think and second guess! let go of the need for approval, let go of the need to be perfect, let go of expectation, attachment and limitation and let go of the need to control every single outcome in your life! Infinite potential cannot be planned!

You map your magnificence by being an irresistible magnet to the magic of the Universe…and your magnetism can only increase when you are maintaining a consistent high vibrational frequency! This is the unwavering laws of love.

Scorpio values trust in relationships and the greatest relationship you will ever experience is with yourself; you are together forever! Love yourself into the Light! Be a vessel for the vast and vibrant energies that are flooding the earth; anchoring you and awakening you to a deep sense of your sacred self.

This Full Moon in Scorpio will gently fertilise the flowering of your spiritual nature, nurtured my Mother Moon and Father Sun…we are all the chosen Ones.

Flower Child of the Universe…I see you! Your bloom is breathtaking! Your nectar is sweet! And your petals of potential pollinate the world with your love, your joy and your perfect presence…thank you for being you.

All blessings of harmony and happiness…Tanya xxx

Artist: Daniel Watts