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Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon - Behold Your Phoenix spirit 

“I see your inner fire. I see your heart flame. I see you burning and yearning for transformation and change. I see your Phoenix spirit…and you are ready to RISE in the radiance of your light!”

This New Moon in the first fire sign of the zodiac is calling forth your courage to create from the wisdom, power and love within you - the holy heart flame of your I AM presence.

Through the noise of the world seek to reclaim your true Divine nature; a mission made possible through daily meditation and contemplation of your soul’s vast capacity to connect with the infinite Creator Source.

Burn away your old beliefs that you are not worthy, not confident, not good enough, and embody your potential. Let fiery feelings of passion, purpose, power and prosperity flood your consciousness and inspire you to live your life fuelled with faith and strong feelings of freedom!

Behold Your Phoenix Spirit! No-thing can control, cage or imprison the beauty of your cosmic Christ Light. Rise through the resistance of a mind in limitation and surrender to the splendour of your Soul’s Perfect Plan’!

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom…”

Vincent Van Gogh

Remember that your soul loves ceremony; create your own New Moon ritual that expands the mystery and the magic of your power to be different and direct your energy into areas that ignite your light.

May you flourish in the flames of your love to co-create…Tanya xxx