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December Solstice - The Celestial Sanctum

On December 22nd (in Australia) falls the Solstice. The word Solstice literally means ‘sun standing still’, it is an invitation to turn inward, in stillness, in silence and embody the beauty of your inner light. In this sacred space, you enter the Celestial Sanctum, the Divinity of your soul.

“The mission of the Masters - all the Masters, is to help man/woman discover his/her Inner Self, the Divinity of their soul - there is no other reason for human presence on this earth…” Raymond Bernard

Through spiritual discovery there will be physical ‘recovery’, a resurrection of Christ consciousness for equilibrium on the earth. 

This Solstice time is very significant; if you remember last December many hearts maintained a unified field of focused light to the centre of Uluru to make manifest an ancient prophecy, that was then directed to all the sacred sites around the world. Once again it is imperative that you turn inward and send your glorious light outward to illuminate the process of the Cosmic Plan.

Through your holy heart flame may you visualise to actualise profound peace on this planet. May you decree that all the hearts of humanity, perceive a new reality through the cathedral of their body and behold the spiritual sanctum of their golden Christ light that is luminous, living and infinite!

Please know with certainty, that where you are willing to walk for yourself, you are walking for all. Thank you for contributing your light, my world is brighter with you in it.

Only love…Tanya xxx