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A Ritual for your Personal Prayer Path

I love creating ritual around new intentions and prayers and will often choose to chant a personal prayer for 21 days to manifest new possibilities for my soul path.

I felt to share this beautiful ritual to inspire you to create a ritual of your own;  in a decorative bowl like this Brass Temple Bowl, place pure water with a few drops of your favourite essential oils and gather a few petals, flower or leaves to float on the surface...I also put Rose Quartz in the water to amplify the love.  Swirl the water with your finger as if tracing the infinity sign (horizontal 8) whilst whispering your prayer into the bowl...and then place the bowl outside for one day and one night to get the blessings of Father Sun and Mother Moon.

When this is complete, bring your bowl back to your altar and anoint yourself (heart, throat and crown chakra) holding your prayers in your heart and trusting that you are co-creating Divine outcomes for your life.

Remember there is no right or wrong way to create a personal prayer or mantra but I have placed one of mine below for inspiration...

'Through the Ruby Ray of all Soul Illumination, I Am now Manifesting Miracles of Revelation, Riches and Radiant Relationship with Divine Mother's Grace...Amen'