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February Full Moon in Leo

Ahh this is a fiery full moon! The Lioness is leaning in to her feminine power and sharing her fierce, protective spirit and wildly free love to unleash her Sisterhood spell that invokes creativity for living a new reality!

prowess (n)  skill or expertise in a particular activity or field

How will you use your prowess, your extraordinary gifts, to empower your purpose and passions? What will you create to activate the promise of your infinite potential?

The Lioness will never self-sacrifice her intuitive, creative nature; for she understands that by abandoning her true self, life falls prey to the predators of fear, illusion and control. Living a new reality involves a ‘re-wilding’ as shared by the beautiful Lisa on IG @7.breaths

“It means going back to your roots, trusting your instincts, reclaiming your authenticity and living your life the way you were meant to…rewilding is stripping back all the layers of conditioning and re-remembering your natural instincts, passions and urges to embody the essence of who you truly are…”

This full Moon is also aligning with some amazing planetary players who are bringing in some unexpected blessings, inspiration, romance and a little more heat to fuel the fire of Leo Lioness as she ignites your imagination, your motivation and the Divine intelligence of your magnificent mind to take a walk on the wild side within.

Find your fierce spirit and colour your world with confidence, clarity and your exquisite creativity to manifest a masterpiece! Make miracles with your own magic! Think the history and the mystery of Bastet. Bast was her original name as the Egyptian Lioness Goddess who shared many similar attributes to Hathor and ruled over the realms of beauty, dance, music, sensuality, pleasure, love and creative expression.

Embody the prowess of the lioness and rewild your heart…fall in love with the way you do you! And remember that awakening to a new awareness of how awesome you are is a true soul safari…be strong, it is not for the faint hearted.

Sending soo much love…Tanya xxx