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Full Moon in Aries October 2021

This Full Moon in Aries holds a big, bold energy; energy that fills you with the courage and confidence to meet your personal challenges and confronts, fearless and full of faith! You willingly wish to jump into the fire, burn away the old and rise like the phoenix - reborn from the ashes of your own awakening!

The world is changing and so are you, and Mother Moon is pulling you into the power of making decisions for your greater good, but please know that you are encouraged to have all your holy human feelings about this…feel the full spectrum of your emotions, from rage to radiance in the comfort and safety of your sacred space and then b-r-e-a-t-h-e…..

Aries likes to mull things over but always returns to the original source of inspiration which is your natural intuition…trust your first feelings and act swiftly because this is the magic of success. Train your brain to seek the wisdom within you, what you feel is real and right for you…now you can respond rather than react and in this peace there is great power…the power to co-create positive change.

There is a dynamic energy around you, let yourself be directed because you are intimately connected to a beautiful Source of light and love, you are held in grace and grounded, surrounded by so much beauty.

Remember the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone; the Full Moon is the energy of the Mother and beneath Her magic we give birth to our most heartfelt intentions and feel the rich abundance of our Earth Mother nudging us into action, so you prosper by taking responsibility for your own joy and feelings. The Mother is the Giver of Life in all ways.

As a quick refresh - this is big energy! Be mindful that you are not making snap decisions, you are making sensible decisions…responding with love is the key to the kingdom of positive change with passion and purpose…you’ve got this!

Big Love and blessings…Tanya xxx

Artist: Jeanie Tomanek