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Full Moon in Virgo - Shifting Your Heart Space and Home Space

I love the flow of this February Full Moon! An inspiring invitation to cleanse and clear in order to create; resting your awareness on the beauty of letting go and choosing to grow from fresh perspectives and purpose.

 Mother Moon is shining her love upon your HEART space and your HOME space. She is calling for a creative clean up - a powerful purge to bring through a surge of new energy, new emotions…when you are willing to let go of the old, you are ready to receive pure gold!

 It is time to have a ‘break-up’ to have a ‘break-through’! Take responsibility for your radiance and have a good cleanse.

 Clean and clear your home, your inbox, your work space. Focus on the little things that need your attention; cancelling subscriptions you no longer use, giving away items that no longer bring you joy, completing communications and parting with fashions that no longer make you feel fabulous!

 Having a purge is powerful! It opens new pathways of prosperity, direction and connection.

 As you consciously clear old energies, attachments, patterns and beliefs, you are choosing to beautify your mind, body and soul…now beautify your environment too. Surround yourself with things that you love and make you feel happy. Discard anything that holds the residue of regret or resentment or pain or separation. Let your home reflect your true divine nature…that is peace, love and joy.

 Light candles, place crystals, diffuse essential oils, arrange fresh flowers or introduce pot plants. Create a little altar with treasures from Earth Mother like feathers, stones, shells, heart shaped leaves. Include statues of deities that support your devotion, words that form and flow in wonderful ways on oracle cards or penned in your own hand, display them all with grace and gratitude.

 Embrace the mystery and magic of you! Wear clothing that feels sacred on your skin; let your love shine. You are in a process of radiant renewal…we all are!

Big luminous moon love to you all…Tanya xxx

Painting: Mughal Art