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Gemini Full Moon with Grandmother Pine


It is not difficult to discern that Mother Moon is in Gemini for the final full moon of the year; the twin energy highlights the duality that surrounds you, it often feels like a bless or blame game.

I am always in awe of how lunar love illuminates all that we need to surface and surrender in order to live a life of harmony, in right relationship with ourself and others and there is no more perfectly powerful time to bring to your awareness the extraordinary light of your soul than this festive season.

The rich symbology of the Christmas story and all that our beloved messenger Jesus came to share and shine for your soul’s perfect plan is pouring forth upon the planet; the radiance of the golden rays of Christ Consciousness flow to and through you, offering revelations for your true Divine Nature and this is supported through the nurture of Grandmother Pine.

Perhaps you could perceive the beauty of the traditional Christmas tree with fresh feelings in your heart. Grandmother Pine is an evergreen tree, her splendour represents eternal life, you are infinite in your capacity to create from within. She is quite magical and will purify and protect all that you are ‘birthing’ through Divine inspiration. Regeneration and rebirth is Grandmother Pine’s specialty and it is interesting to note that drinking pine needle tea will boost your immune system too.

I understand that unless you can source sustainably grown ‘real’ Christmas trees it is more than likely you will have a beautiful ‘imitation’ tree and you will adorn your tree with lights. I ask again that you view this tradition with fresh feelings and understand this is symbolic of YOUR LIGHT! 

You are as bright as the Christmas Star! Focus all your feelings inward. Look away from the outside world to the wonder within you! When you rest your awareness in your heart, you rise in the radiance of Christ Consciousness and remain unaffected by duality…you discover a new reality that abides in love and the gifts that you will love to give will be of hope, acceptance, understanding, compassion, kindness and more.

Not to forget the positive traits of Gemini guiding you to be caring, adaptable, quick thinking and in constant communication (communion) with your holy higher self. In the fullness of Mother Moon you reach within and choose to be the greatest gift you can be for the hearts of humanity…LOVE IN ACTION!

Your feelings will flourish when you remember in your emotional body the miracle of life and that the sacred signs and symbols of Christmas will always create and regenerate the truth, beauty and blessing of your I AM presence on this planet. Thank you for your consciousness to contribute your light and illuminate a new way of Being. This Christmas see everything through a larger lens of love; appreciate the joy of seeing the symbolism, knowing that the might of your bright light brings hope to humanity…beyond the duality.

May you be blessed beyond belief…Tanya xxx