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Good Friends Always Bring the Sunshine, even when it Rains...

'Friendship is Like a Big bowl of Soul;
Spoonfuls of Love,
with Blessings from Above...' 
Tanya M AshaTara

Did you know that all the beautiful qualities you admire so deeply in your dearest friends, are qualities that to a greater or lessor degree you have within you too? 

Every time you focus on the positive, joyful qualities in another, you are expanding the same special qualities within you.

This is the great blessing of friendship; as you grow in your awareness and loving acceptance of yourself, you become a magnet to beautiful souls of like energy and together you embrace the uniqueness of each others gifts that you came to shine and share with the world.

Good friends will always see the light within you and they will remind you of your magic when you yourself have forgotten.

Friends are your 'Bowl of Soul'; they bring that special syrup that flows through you as fresh perspectives, a new moment in time, laughter, wisdom and truth.

It was all of the above truths about the blessings of friendship that inspired me to gather the perfect gift to give to a friend.

In a Grace Signature pink bag, printed with the words 'Little Hand of Love and Friendship', I aligned a small timber hand, hand-painted by Mexican Artisans with a silver *Milagros of the Radiant Sacred Heart in the centre of the hand.


I love that these little hands are not only a token of how much you cherish the blessings and beauty of your friends (and the beauty of you too) but they are also richly symbolic of the healing hand of support and unconditional love, grace and guidance gifted to us all through Divine Mother Love.

May miracles follow miracles and blessings never cease...Tanya xxx

*As part of ritual and devotion, Milagros (the little silver charms) are offered in gratitude for prayers answered. Each charm will signify a prayer…they bring blessings to these beautiful handcrafts.​