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High Om Soul Star Tuner

Beautiful Souls of Grace….it is my heart intention to support you with not only creating Altars of Awakening but also to bring you exquisite, high vibrational ‘tools’ for your sacred soul path of love, inspiration and joy.

Over the past months I have sourced a powerful Tuning fork to attune you to your Higher Heart and Highest Self. It is called the “High Om Soul Star Tuner”.

The frequency of this Tuner is 272.2hz, designed from the research of Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician who discovered the natural law of the ‘Cosmic Octave’. The Soul Star chakra embodies the origin of enlightenment through awakening and holds the intention of 'I transcend’.

The High Om Soul Star Tuners have chosen to align with your favourite Crystal Guardians and some specific Andara Crystals (what you will tap your tuner against).

The Andaras have surfaced at this time of the Golden Age of Miracles to radiate love in its purest form…they hold the love of the Divine feminine and the wisdom of the Divine masculine to empower your I Am presence…they are rare. At this stage I have completely sold out of the Shekinah Rose Ray Andaras and will be unable to source anymore for some time but the beautiful, loving Lemurian Aqua Andara is still available. 

The vibrational energy of the Tuner and the Andara together, around your heart, throat and crown chakra is simply divine and totally opens your heart, bringing the sweetest tears and embodiment of happiness, intuition and joy.

Included with your Tuner and Andara is a natural macrame hemp ‘basket’ necklace so that after working with your Tuner you can literally ‘wear’ your Andara holding the vibration of love.

This latest arrival of precious Soul Star High Om Tuners have aligned with the Lemurian Aqua Andaras to support the Torchbearers of these times;

‘They are the Keepers of Sacred Sound and Lost Knowledge; opening your higher heart to the Golden Flame of Christ Illumination and Miracles of Divine Manifestation and Joy…

They extend an invitation for you to enter into the light of illumination for your sacred transformation, through the higher heart activation of your radiant heart flame, holding the exquisite, unconditional loving compassion and acceptance that accelerates your spiritual evolution; your celebration of the Divine truth that is seeding in your heart, the beautiful geometry of the radiant revelation that YOU are of the Cosmic Christ Light, lifting the limitation of density to the vibrant intensity of a love revolution for your soul's evolution and perfect plan...'

To experience the Lemurian Aqua Andara with the Soul Star Tuner as the union of the frequency of grace and sacred sound is beyond beautiful...may miracles follow miracles and blessings never cease...all love, Tanya x

***There are many Tuners on the market that are not of a high quality; these High Om Soul Star Tuners have travelled from the USA, they are quite possibly the best available…the Andaras need no explanation, they are simply the purity of love.


"When I received the Soul Star tuner, I could not believe how much energy was produced with the sound of the tuner connecting with the gorgeous Andara. To say that the energy I felt was next level, was and is an understatement! The healing frequency was pulsating straight throughout my body. I use the Star tuner regularly for myself and for my Reiki clients. It has enhanced the healing experience more than I could have imagined and I am so very grateful..." Sheree, Bowral  NSW

"I was blessed to be one of the first people to purchase this beautiful Star Soul Tuning set and it is a gift to self that keeps on giving! Every time you strike the tuner to the beautiful Andara crystal that was intuitively chosen for you, you will experience a feeling of ultimate Zen, a sensation of peacefulness and calm like nothing else ... I highly recommend this product and all the services that Tanya M AshaTara provides at Grace..." Donna-Cherie Harrison,  Melbourne  Victoria.

 " I absolutely love the Soul Star Tuner! Together with my beautiful Andara, the sacred sound divinely resonates with me ... I tune on a daily basis and the vibration brings healing and harmony through me, my home and my daily life. Feels like glitter is constantly surrounding me..." Selina,  Cairns  QLD

"I purchased the High Om Soul Star Tuner from Grace - Sacred Space.
I love my Tuner. I use it every day in my morning prayer and meditation time.
It helps to create such an open, peaceful space for my heart to align with the Divine..."  Karen, Gold Coast  QLD

"I was so drawn to High Om Soul Star Tuner and unique, amazing coloured Andara Crystal. The gentle sound of using your tuner with the andara crystal together brings a vibration and loving energy like no other. This has been a beautiful addition to my meditation. I love working with this special product and I am blessed to be a part of Grace Sacred Space online community..." Kirsten,  Maroochydore. QLD