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Is Clairaudience Your Superpower?

Clairaudient – Clear Hearing

 You ‘hear’ the call of the Ancients, the Wise Ones. You sense the song in the winds and the sounds of nature in your heart. You open to knowledge through your ‘inner ear’, that is your strong, intuitive heart, ‘hearing’ the voice of spirit clearly.

You may not necessarily be hearing as you do physically; your Guidance may impress their messages as an energy that you come to understand and interpret with great clarity. You also may often experience a 'ringing' sensation, which is a good indicator that your vibration is high and ready to receive Divine dialogue. These voices and vibrations will never feel distressing. In fact, the exact opposite. You will feel blessed by this communication.

Your soul is sensitive to sound and soothed by music and guided meditation that you find both reassuring and relaxing. A simple song has the power to invoke deep emotions and gentle rhythmic beats support you in overcoming obstacles and pain.

You love a medicine drum and resonate with the rich tones of crystal bowls, wind chimes and bells. Tuning forks 'open' you with ease and grace to the dimensional realms of radiant light language.

You thrive on the sound of laughter or the gentle voices of loved ones, but can be easily wounded through harsh words or angry tones. You use the language of “I hear you”, “That sounds good to me”, “I am making sound decisions”. You fall into the most beautiful flow with the chant of ‘Om’.

Lapis Lazuli (see meaning below) aligns perfectly with the gift of Clairaudience.  Chanting and mantra with your mala beads are true medicine for the magnificence of your soul and absolutely sacred to your spiritual development – you will ‘hear’ the frequencies of light communication and astral sounds inside your head. These frequencies form a knowing that you are able to translate.

Your deep ability to hear the heart of Earth Mother aligns you with White Buffalo Calf Woman, Her teachings are sacred to you and your reverence for those that have walked before you, brings you blessings of great abundance through your ability to ‘listen’ to the wisdom of the Wise Ones’. 

Lapis Lazuli – This stone helps to create and maintain a powerful connection between the physical and celestial realms. It protects you on your spiritual journey and enhances your natural intuitive knowingness. Lapis aids in quietening your mind that you “hear” Divine guidance and messages with great clarity. Tiger's Eye is also a beautiful stone of empowerment for you.

All blessings beautiful soul...x