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Is Clairsentience your Superpower?

Clairsentient – Clear Feeling

You feel everything! You make all of your decisions based on how you ‘feel’ about them. You are able to immediately sense the true feelings of another (even if they are presenting you with a different story), you frequently experience 'goosebumps' or chills through your body and more than any of the other Clair Senses, you literally feel waves of energy when something is wrong, in your stomach and your heart.

You can feel energy in objects, you can feel the aches and pains of another in your own body, so please know that you can definitely trust your 'gut feelings'!

You have deep empathy, you cannot move in crowds without feeling quite exhausted, unless you are deeply aware of your own personal empowerment and how to protect it.

You struggle with the pains in another’s heart and must be careful to structure boundaries that allow another to have freedom on their journey. You cannot ‘fix’ but you can show faith and ‘hold space’ in their own ability to ‘fix’ and find solutions...this is supporting the spiritual growth of another.

You feel the strength of spirit guidance with you always. As a Clairsentient Being of light, you came to work with the Blue rays and the Rose rays of service to the hearts of humanity. You align with the true prayer of the Rosary, which is surrendering to the grace and blessings of our Divine Mother, trusting that the way shall always be shown and Divine outcomes will prevail.

It is important that you open to receive inspiration through ‘feeling’ your foundation in Earth Mother (that makes you feel safe) and stretching to the rays of the Great Central Sun's Source energy (that also makes you feel safe).

You work well with blue Tourmaline (see meaning below) and you love the essence of the flowers and the flow of the seas. You feel charged by the ocean and access wisdom and inspiration with the creatures that move through the waters of the world, like whales, turtles and dolphins.

Surround yourself with beauty, daily ritual and all that feels sacred and speaks of the Divine. You love routine and structure in your spiritual practice, which is honoured deeply by your Guidance and Angelic Guardians.
You are protected through your positive thoughts and blessed by the 'way of your warrior heart'. You are whole when you feel ‘felt’ by those around you. You speak with the language of “that feels good”, "I can feel that is true”, “I can feel the good vibrations”.

Blue Tourmaline – This can be used to activate your throat chakra and the third-eye, strengthening the skills associated with communication and psychic awareness. It assists you in relating to others in a loving manner and to live in harmony with your environment (people, places and things).

The energy of Blue Tourmaline totally enhances your pathway to service and activates your expansion of knowledge in helping all to realise the true power of love...may you be blessed with this great gift...xxx