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Is Clairvoyance Your Superpower?


You ‘see’ beyond the illusion of what is, to what is known to be true. You feel as if you live in two worlds, two dimensional planes, accessing information with ease, gifted to you through beloved Beings of Light, more like family than your own physical family.

 You may see spirit with your naked eye, or with your third eye or inner mind’s eye, but how is irrelevant, it is your capacity to access information that is important.

 You see the truth of illness held in a person's auric field as emotional dis-ease perceived as patterning or imprints of colour in your mind’s eye. The Auric fields are your gateway to vast knowledge; you understand colour as a frequency, a flow of pure awareness that supports your soul's path in magical ways. 

 Do not discount your ability to manifest your wildest dreams. Your imagination is your most powerful tool and breaks down the boundaries between worlds.

 You can often become confused or overwhelmed and Amethyst (see meaning below) is your best source of protection provided by the Crystalline kingdom, as well as good grounding stones like Smoky Quartz, Tiger's Eye, Agate, Jasper, Jade and Black Tourmaline.

 You see through the eyes of the Tiger, who teaches you to trust your intuition. When ‘things are not always as they appear’,Tiger removes interference and will walk with you to offer courage and strength in your gift.

 As you go about quietly spreading your wings of love and service, you can assist those passing over to higher realms, and bring through great comfort to those needing reassurance from loved ones past. This is true mediumship.

 You use the language of “I see that now”, “You look different”, “You appearlighter”, or “I can see clearly now”. You sense as strongly as you see...trusting in the feeling of light to guide you amidst the shadows. Light is so important to you; you do not like to sleep in total darkness and resonate with the sunrise, more than the sunset.

 You love the flames of a fire and love love the Violet Flame of St Germain. Ritual and ceremony is so important to you and will always involve candlelight...seeing the flicker of a flame calms you and opens your third eye to visions, images, people and places quite clearly.

 Amethyst – This is one of the true power stones for opening your spiritual and psychic centres. It offers Divine protection, healing and increased awareness.

 All blessings be upon you...Tanya xxx