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Lovely Libra Full Moon

This is a super moon to supersize your inner truth and support you to release all thoughts that are not in alignment with how beautiful you are…just as you are!

Libra loves you to cruise the cosmos and your communications with the enlightened energy of beauty, acceptance, harmony and grace. If we align this planetary intention with the expansive energy of Easter, we are being urged to contemplate and integrate the soul questions of ‘What is waiting to be born from within me?’ Or ‘What truth do I need to resurrect for right relationship with myself and others?’

This is a powerful time to look into the light of your own reflection and consider if you have been playing small or playing to please others in the game of life. You cannot swim against the tides of your true Divine nature; suppressing the beauty of your soul will never support you to feel whole or happy.

Perhaps this full moon is for the perceived ‘black sheep’ of the family. Those who simply cannot dance around the elephant in the room for the sake of keeping the peace…this is what is meant by playing small and playing to please. As big beacons of light, you honestly understand that authentic communication and vulnerable self-expression are the keys to the kingdom of joy!

Harmony is accepting your differences as delightful, not destructive, and seeing others the same way. Harmony IS NOT putting your true feelings in a cupboard for another day or hoping that they will just go away. The light of Libra encourages you to communicate through conflict, challenges and emotions, to birth a new moment in time…to birth something new in you.

As a beautiful ‘black sheep’ myself, it took me a long time to realise that I was not born to be blindfolded, I was born to be a beacon of illumination and bring about transformation through the fire of wisdom, power and love. If this creates some chaos that causes illusions to crumble and fall, I am ok with that, and will continue to celebrate the Cosmic Christ in me because I know that the intention of the universe is to evolve!

Resurrect the truth of you as a big Being of Light! Do not suppress what you need to address, cherish right relationship within you!

All love and blessings, Tanya xxx

Artist: Lillian Shao