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Mentoring More of Your Magic and Magnificence

Are you feeling a deep need to trust your intuition and be fearless in your faith, yet wishing you could share this with a mentor, some-one who will listen and gently guide you inward to the wisdom within you?

Do you feel heavy-hearted and in need of some tools to support change and transformation in your life?

Or perhaps you are wondering how to integrate the messages, magic, signs and symbols that you have been receiving, into your reality?

The world is evolving. Shifting and shedding old energy and so are you. This is an extraordinary time of great growth, of reclaiming the holy fire in your heart and re-remembering your I AM presence and power. 

After 8 years of facilitating my Diamond Light Soul Illumination programs (levels one and two) in a gorgeous group space, I am now feeling that personal, private, individually tailored one-on-one sessions is what is needed to fully nurture the beauty of your true Divine nature.

I hold a safe, soothing heart space of love (sometimes tough love) and incorporate my mediumship gifts with powerful techniques, so that together, we co-create inspirational change.

I can only commit to supporting a limited number of beautiful souls; you must feel truly willing to rise into more of your radiance, even if you don’t fully know your intentions, it is your willingness that I want to feel in the space. There are no conditions to this service, you can book in once or weekly.

All sessions will be online via Zoom and the exchange is $90/hour. If you are sensing beautiful light waves of ‘unseen support’ washing into your world and a big ‘yes’ from the depths of your soul, then please trust that this will be profoundly perfect for you now and email so we can manifest magic!

May you be blessed beyond belief! All love, Tanya xxx


Tanya has the kind of magic that is felt with the very core of your soul, it runs deep into your heart and ever so gently guides you to exactly where you need to be. The support I feel when I am in Tanya’s presence is truly hard to put into words, it’s almost as if words will never do it justice, it can only be felt with the heart. The breakthroughs and life changing events that have occurred in my life since we met have been unforgettable…” Lisa


“Tanya is the greatest expression of Light and Love that shines to share from her heart to yours. With an open heart to hear, understand and support in all ways, on all levels and in all points in time she offers guidance, spiritual growth and Soul Illumination for all those who are ready and willing to walk their Soul Path.

It is with heartfelt appreciation that my life journey has evolved and continues to evolve through having Tanya as my friend and Spiritual Mentor…”  Jean


“Words can’t fully describe the gift that Tanya is to our planet. I feel privileged to have connected with Tanya in this lifetime and to have experienced the empowerment of her teaching. She provided tools and learning that took me from feeling needy and victimy to assuming a powerful ‘I Am’ presence that has me now committed to my life purpose and being in genuine service to others…” Lynelle


“Tanya sounds the call for all those willing and ready to "come home". She is a radiant beacon of light who attracts souls who are ready to see beyond the illusion, stand in their power, find their voice and raise their vibration. Tanya's heart is beyond huge as she is of service to all. A true light bearer…”  Kirsten V