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New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Today/tomorrow we welcome a partial solar eclipse, which can only occur on a new moon. It’s a cosmic event that creates a lot of energy for you to integrate and activate in your life. To be honest, an eclipse can be a real ‘wipe the slate clean’ vibration but remember, this is only a partial solar eclipse…so there is more ‘gentle’ than ‘giant’!

We are blessed that this solar light will magnify the New Moon nurture of Taurus. This is a beautiful time to connect with your Earth Star Chakra that represents your unshakeable bond with the earth, your foundation upon which to flourish.

Did you know that the Sanskrit name for the Earth Star chakra is Vasundhara, which literally translates as ‘daughter of the earth’…isn’t that divine? The best way to connect with this chakra is to ground yourself, outside, bare feet, where you can feel the energy of the elements and sense your Earth Star Chakra as a spinning wheel of light about 30cm beneath you.

As the frequencies flow from the heart of Gaia through your body, surrender yourself to the earth spirits and the legacy of the Ancients, that will always return you to the wisdom, power and love within you.

The symbology of the Bull (Taurus) is fertilisation. An invitation to claim your confidence and fertilize your creative ideas with fresh intentions, feeling fully supported by the sacred soils beneath you. Align this with the Solar Eclipse and you will be ready to rise through any challenge or negative environment.

Please remember that it is NORMAL to feel restless and yet reborn, frustrated and yet full of faith, confronted yet creative and impatient as well as peaceful, during this transformational energy shift. Please nurture yourself by staying light and having fun! Taurus loves for you to experience all the good stuff in life and shelve some of the serious…for this is the game of life and it’s your birthright to play it with a heart full of joy!

All love beautiful souls…Tanya xxx