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New Moon in Cancer July 10th

Cancer focuses the fullness of her New Moon flow to ‘Interrupt’ the old emotions that cripple your capacity to create change.

Last fortnight, beautiful Mother Moon gifted you with a bit of a honeymoon; some sweet soul syrup that effortlessly evolved your light to shine super bright. Now she sends a little ‘moon memo’ through the heart of old mother crab, to share that following this renewal, it’s now a beautiful time to dive deep into that ‘protective shell’ you often wear so well, and lean into the areas where perhaps you have been rigid, or held a need to be right or have just not been sharing the ‘true’ you.

Old Mother Crab holds the energy of the Grandmothers and opens a safe, real space for you to claw away your disempowering beliefs and get a whole lot more creative in how you show up in the world. 

She will ask you to step ‘sideways’ and get out of your own way, so you can be an observer rather than a participant to your emotional healing and enable you to trust in the process of reclaiming your power and inner peace, however that unfolds for you.

This is not a time to ‘bury your head in the sand’ it is a time to rise through revelation and to understand that you must show up as the beauty of you in every area of your life, whether you feel you are living your purpose or not, it is what you bring to the table that counts.

“Purpose is not what you do, but who you are while you are doing it…” Lisa Cooke @7breaths to happiness.

Let yourself be a natural ‘carrier’ of a contagious communion called LOVE. This New Moon let your heart intentions be for harmony in the home, that spreads to harmony in the environment that continues to spread out into the Cosmic Seas of all Creation. This is called ‘at-ease’ and dissolves all ‘dis-ease’ because communion means the sharing or exchange of thoughts and/or feelings on a physical, mental and spiritual level…will you bring your magic into the mix?

In this time of great global change, you and only you can cast out crabby for creative instead. Creating conscious, positive conversation and connection is called being a Torchbearer of Light and this is the might of your soul serving the hearts of humanity…this is love in action and the bonus in this choice is finding YOUR VOICE.

When you find your voice in your light language to others you are healing yourself in the most natural, no-nonsense way…it is win win for the world.

All blessings of illumination…love you to the beach and back! Tanya xxx