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New Moon in Capricorn - Invoke Poise and Grace

I love the symbolism of the Sea Goat for this New Moon to support you to find and feel a beautiful balance between your emotional body and your higher mental body.

Sea Goat has the capacity to dive to the deepest depths of the ocean (emotion) and can manoeuvre to the mighty peaks of the highest mountain (mental) but the most enlightened energy of an empowered Sea Goat seeks the sacred scales of balance through Poise and Grace.

In this time of global change where there is a lot of uncertainty, as a Light Leader you must navigate a ‘new normal’ that nurtures the whole through acceptance, poise and grace.

This week in particular I have witnessed people who are normally of a high vibration call their brothers and sisters (because we are a global family) names like stupid and other low vibrational language because their emotions have become ‘inflamed’ and then they get stuck or caught in a stream of thoughts that do not serve…they slaughter.

So with the wisdom of the Sea Goat and the creativity of the cosmos, I invite you to embody new intentions that beautify balance within you…I invite you to invoke Poise and Grace.

Let me refresh your memory; the power of poise and grace flows from your true Divine nature and is demonstrated through your actions, speech and gestures.

Poise does not expect perfection and Grace simply understands that you can only live the consciousness you have in the moment, but at anytime you can choose a new moment in time.

Poise moves with the awareness of spiritual posture; when you stand tall you feel connected to Source energy, you are confident and connected to the earth…Grace simply shares light from this foundation.

Poise is patient and Grace is calm…this is a heart in harmony.

Poise listens and Grace ‘holds space’ for all beings to be seen, heard, felt, acknowledged and understood.

Poise is positive, not in a fluffy way but a pragmatic way, seeking solutions with a bigger picture in mind and Grace simply understands that negative thoughts will deplete you and positive thoughts will energise you.

Poise has a purpose to shine and share your unique qualities from a heart space of joy, and Grace simply loves to love.

Your life may feel somewhat ‘caged’ but no person and no thing can imprison your glorious light, your laughter or your I AM presence.

So climb to the summit of the mountain, take a deep breath and LOVE OUT LOUD.

All blessings be upon you…Tanya xxx