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New Moon in Libra - Unmask Your Magick

This is a very special New Moon because following this night of ‘no moon’ begins the ceremony of Navaratri, an invitation to invoke your shakti presence and power, nurtured by the blessings of Divine Mother Love.

The Indian tradition of Navaratri literally means nine nights. It is a celebration of the feminine energy within you that is so deeply connected to the celestial cycles of the moon. You are forever expanding and contracting with this lunar light supported by the grace and guidance of the Mother in all her holy forms.

The New Moon medicine in Libra is all about balance, beauty and relationships. It is about shifting your focus from the physical to the spiritual and acknowledging the exquisiteness of you! Looking at where you have been… to then become.

Looming over this lunar cycle is Mercury in Retrograde, so your challenge is to cut through chaos and confusion by unmasking your magick! Delve deep for the ‘diamonds on the inside’ - see them in yourself and in others too. The name of the game is to shine, not shadow, the gems of your growth and personal power.

This is a perfect evening to create an altar and align with the holy heart of the Mother; to call in the courage of Maa Durga, the light of Lakshmi and the sweet soul syrup of Saraswati…you are always divinely directed in their grace, so adorn your sacred space with flowers, coins, crystals and candlelight, feel their foundation of love bringing both closure and creation and embrace your transformation …it is time.

Only love…Tanya xxx

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