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New Moon in Pisces - Take a Walk with the Wild Things

If you could see the stars in the daytime, you would see the sun slowly saunter from one constellation of the Zodiac to the next, making one complete circle around the sky in a year.


Pisces is the final phase of this journey and represents our spiritual growth through the symbolism of two fish swimming in opposite directions, forming a circle divided into light and dark, yin and yang, the essence of all things and our connectedness to each other in the vast and vibrant cosmic sea of the universe.

So a Pisces New Moon will often propel you into a push/pull spin cycle of choice that feels emotional and devoid of all logic. “Why do I feel so emotional?” Or “Why do I feel out of sorts and not myself?” could both be common questions in your space right now. You could also be feeling a pull to unleash your creativity and sheer frustration if you are uncertain which way to roll with this.

Do not worry beautiful souls, let go of the need for logic and lean into the mystical, magical, deeply intuitive aspects of your true divine spiritual nature…move into the magnificence of your imagination and take a walk with the wild things!

A good dose of daydream is what will best serve your soul and support you to feel whole! In the words of John Lennon “time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted…”

What does the wild moon child within you feel to do now? This is a time to choose you, to ‘go with the flow’ of the currents that carry you into the joy of creating from the wisdom within you.

Take time to imagine wild and wonderful things! Why is it that we often see our deepest desires for success as ‘monsters’ teasing us, rather than good friends pleasing us?

Pisces stirs your emotions so you will listen to what actually makes you feel happy; pull the plug on logic and listen to your heart, there is crazy calm in this place that welcomes you into the wilderness of your wildest dreams to direct you into crystal clear clarity on what it is that you truly love to do.

This New Moon is a celebration of your power to tap into your spiritual self and pure potential, the place where the wild things greet you and guide you on your way.

Love the way you do you! Sending you all so much love, encouragement and blessings…Tanya xxx