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New Moon in Scorpio - Abracadabra!

Scorpio holds an intense transformational vibe; a natural yearning to create feelings of freedom, to create a new beginning, a new story from a fresh foundation of ‘knowing you have done the inner work’ - you are radiant ready to manifest magic!

This Scorpio New Moon offers you the energy to empower any situation! And invites into your awareness the ancient Hebrew word of Abracadabra, which literally translates as ‘I create what I speak’!

Because what you say, think and feel literally has a magical effect in shaping your world into the way you wish it to be. Your words cast spells…the very reason it’s called ‘spelling’!

If you are deeply desiring change, have you changed your language to align with your intentions?

Many people are excited to write new chapters in their book of a blessed life, but are still parroting old phrases (I’m not good enough, I never succeed, I don’t have time, etc) with an expectation that the Universe will still ‘land’ the synchronicity, good fortune and joy into their lap without any effort to enlighten their frequency with a fresh fluent language of love and inspiration!

Do not let this be you! As a beacon of light, here to transform your world and the world around you, could you allow the possibility that you will not only do this ‘one sacred step at a time’ but also ‘one sacred, successful sentence at a time’!

Abracadabra is considered to be an incantation, and an incantation is considered to be a series of words said as a magic spell or charm…what if you begin your personal incantation with I Am…….(you fill in the blank - creative, positive, remarkable, successful, divinely directed, etc) begin it now!

Do not waste one precious paragraph in the negative…happy, abundant, joyful words/thoughts, equal happy, abundant, joyful life!

The power of your personal magic is truly infinite…cast your spells soul traveller!

All love and illumination…Tanya xxx

P.S I would also like to acknowledge Steve Irwin…this is a special day of remembrance for him…he was one of my true heroes! Unapologetically himself, a warrior that was all heart and always positive and high on life…you were both a beacon and a blessing for the planet…and I miss you! x