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New Moon in Scorpio - How Deep is your Love

This New Moon is for nurturing the passion, light and wisdom within you…building trust with your personal truth. Scorpio is a water sign and fuels all flows from the power of the psychic realms and the creative currents of the emotional body. Scorpio is intuitive, intense and walks a fine line between destruction and transformation but remains on the lighter side of life with the embodiment of this question - How deep is your love?

When you feel the fullness of love as a golden glow in your body and soul, you know that you are naturally connected and directed through the rushing rapids to the sea of calm and you simply will not entertain the emotions that wrap around feelings of confusion, doubt or reaction.

New moons are for new intentions; fresh feelings, empowered emotions and a decision to honour your truth. When the moon is positioned between the Earth and the sun, it is invisible, and within this dark mysterious fertile space, you are invited to dream, visualise and sow the seeds of your deepest desires. This is a time for manifesting more of your magnificence and co-creating with the universe.

Make time for your magick. If you won’t show up and shine in your corner, who will? How deep is your love for yourself? For your family? For beautiful Mother Earth? Feel to reveal the radiance within you.

May you be blessed beyond belief…only love, Tanya xxx