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November Full Moon Eclipse

I love how the energy of an eclipse always offers an opportunity to close your eyes and look within…like a cosmic blink that can absolutely change the way you think or view your world with you in it.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon’s light is blocked by the earth’s shadow and because this full moon is in Gemini and Gemini holds the element of Air, which relates to your mind and your thoughts, I am going to ask that you allow the “symbolism” of this eclipse to speak to your soul on a higher heart level…outside of the control of your mind and perhaps thoughts that do not serve you.

Consider the moon’s light as the Divine Feminine aspect of your spiritual anatomy that amplifies your intuition and is the flame of your sacred heart, a flame that cannot be extinguished.

Now consider that the earth’s shadow is your old beliefs and emotional attachments and or the density of people and places around you, that can sometimes overwhelm you, like a cloud of confusion or chaos.

Now despite the ‘illusion’ of this cloud and where you give away your power to all sorts of ‘shadows’ of the mind…your sacred heart flame continues to burn brightly, holding space for your I Am presence which is your soul’s truth.

How can you fuel the fire of your sacred heart flame through change, challenge, confronts and even fear?

Through gratitude and appreciation. These two factors open the floodgates of your heart to let love empower your radiant light through all the shadows of your mind, and beautify the blessing of your natural intuition that flowers with the fragrance of freedom, curiosity, creativity and true soul expression.

So I invite you through this lunar eclipse to appreciate rich beauty, everywhere and in everything. Feel so deeply grateful for connection …and I promise that your heart will burst with a love that will remain unaffected by shadows and simply empowered by love.

Please remember all of the above during this full moon eclipse because there will be surprises or changes…a bit of a reset, so that you can have a revelation…there is truly so much perfection in the natural order of this beautiful world!

It is impossible to dim the luminous light of Mother Moon; even when she remains unseen, you can feel her light within you, speaking to your soul through your intuition…her knowing becomes your knowing…that your holy heart light cannot ever be eclipsed.

All blessings of illumination and joy…Tanya xxx