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Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

‘Things turn on a dime, when you align with the Divine…’ Tosha Silver

 Jeepers! This eclipse portal has been a rollercoaster ride! It’s as if you entered as Sandra Dee on the new moon solar eclipse (April 30th), have been doing a hippy hippy shake in a tunnel of love and only now, with lunar light, are you pouring yourself into those luscious black leathers and emerging as Sandy in all her splendour!

An eclipse season is like a loong cuddle with Kali…it’s death and rebirth, swift endings and big beginnings, either in your physical experience or your spiritual growth. It’s a portal of power to push out your old patterning and pull up from within, your deepest, dreamiest, dynamic divine self. It’s a ‘put yourself on top of the pile’ energy; a cosmic ‘to do’ list that has ‘express your truth’ as the first bullet point on paper. 

Align this with a little emotional sting from Scorpio and you are rising from the holy waters within you, feeling assertive and passionate, ready to unleash your destiny, trust your intuition and rest in the magnificent mystery (without the history) of you!

In your physical environment you will have the urge to purge. Take a good look at all your stuff and honestly ask yourself ‘what would I want to take to a new land’? Because this moment in time feels a bit like you are packing up for the new paradigm.

In the spiritual, you need to consider the significance of the full moon in May each year as the time of Buddha’s enlightenment. Wesak is an invitation for inner transformation - the opportunity to embody higher states of consciousness and be real about your reality. Please let what wants to end…end! The cosmic clue is ‘what drains you?’ Include people, places, positions and patterns in this equation.

‘Beloved Divine, free me from force and fill me with flow. Show me the truth of all that I am and all that I am becoming, as I surrender to your heavenly agenda, and let go to grow in your grace…’

It may not feel like you are flying off in a cool car to the rainbow skies but it will feel like you are emerging from a cocoon of your own making - when in doubt, dance it out and simply BE like Sandy, who set herself free!

Big big love and huge hugs…I see you and you are beautiful! Tanya xxx