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September Equinox - Balance is Beautiful

The Equinox is the wisdom of our Earth Mother in full splendour. This powerful portal is here to prepare your mind, body and soul to receive the energies of Nurture, Nature, Clarity and Empowered Choice.

The Southern Hemisphere is springing into action and re-awakening you to the mission of your message; the gifts that you came to shine and share with the planet, expanding compassion and courage.

The Northern Hemisphere surrenders to the sanctuary of Autumn; you are softening to receive the Divine feminine flows that will revive your life force and restore your faith.

What is most significant for your soul during the Equinox energy is the nurture of your heart chambers; awakening to the areas where you have been unwilling to fully go and show. Earth Mother wisdom is supporting this surrender through the sacred of her seasons, that offer you a landscape of LOVE.

It is as if one hemisphere rises to meet the celestial equator above our Earth to seed new beginnings and birth soul illumination through positive power, whilst the other hemisphere takes time out to rest and renew in the arms of the Mother, receiving her tender loving care, shedding old beliefs and dropping into the vast deep ocean of Love and renewal.

When the next Equinox occurs, the hemisphere energy will shift – one hemisphere rising after soul regeneration and the other retreating for Soul rest and repair…how perfect is this celestial equator that truly does deliver beautiful balance of service and sanctuary for the entire global glow?!

There is so much magnificence during this Equinox ‘energetic’ alignment. Do not resist the emotions that are surfacing; let them go that you may grow into a foundation that feels free.

Push away the old patterns! Abandon them from your auric orbit and fully gravitate and integrate to a lighter and brighter alignment of loving energy and wisdom. Let your light lead the way… from the dimness of doubt to the power of decision.

“I now actively align with my Divine direction where Love leads the way, everyday!”

The nurture of the Earth is celebrated through the nature of your Being…BE LOVE.

All illumination…Tanya x