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Temple AshaTara

Guided Meditation is the gateway to the gentle grace of your Sacred Heart, the inner sanctum of your beautiful body temple of light, a powerful daily practise of love and appreciation for self and for all.

You are walking into the Golden Age of Miracles, of revelation and renewal; an explosion of Love into the Hearts of Humanity is supporting the embodiment of Christ Consciousness through fierce Faith. My journey over the past 12 years of  facilitating Meditation Circles and 'Jewels of the Diamond Light' Programs, has enabled me to personally experience and witness the extraordinary transformation and deep joy that meditation will manifest in your life with ease and grace. 

Temple AshaTara is a private Facebook group to support your soul path of inspiration, peace, prosperity, purpose and love through Live Guided/channelled morning Meditations. Voice and Vision flow through me in union with Divine Ascended Beings who gift you with greater awareness and empower the presence of pure love, peace and light.

Together we embark on specific 21 day journeys, if you cannot join me 'Live' the daily meditations remain in the space for you to enjoy in your own time. In the Units Section of this group, there is now an amazing 'library' of 21 day journeys for you to experience in your own Divine time; like "Wisdom of the Goddess Within You", "the Grace and Guidance of Green Tara", "the Violet Flame of Saint Germain", "Co-Creating with the Colour Rays", "The Ascended Masters of the Great White Brother/Sisterhood of Light"...and so many more.

You are the One you have been waiting for! It will be a beautiful blessing for me to welcome you into the sacred space of Temple AshaTara to experience the offerings of Sanctuary, Stillness and support through Guided Meditation and inspired teachings for the illumination of your Soul's Perfect Plan and the joy of 'travelling' with other beautiful beings of light.

Membership is a minimal exchange of $10/month or $110/year...

Here is the link to join.

“Morning meditations with Tanya have become a soul reviving ritual for me that I can’t do without. My heart has expanded, my limits have lifted and the guidance I have received has been so priceless for my spiritual growth. I have implemented change and welcomed new beginnings through these strong heartfelt meditations.
I am truly grateful and can’t think of a better way to start my day…” Lisa

“This space has opened so many doors for my spiritual growth and healing during this phase of my life. Daily meditation provides a safe and supported space for me to experience self-love, healing and spiritual knowledge. I feel it has changed me for the better. I love to wake up with morning meditations by Tanya…”   Kharja

“Beautiful Tanya, I just want to thank you for creating this beautiful space for me each and every morning... what an incredible start to my day! You keep me focused on how to live my life and follow my heart, without doubting myself. I can never thank you enough for your guidance, support and love…” Sharon