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The Equinox - March 21

What is this enlightening energy of the Equinox?

The word Equinox literally means ‘equal night’. Equinoxes fall as mid points between Solstices, occurring when the centre of the sun passes directly over the centre of the earth, and night and day are of equal length…perfect balance.

The Equinox also marks the transition from winter to spring or from summer to autumn. Like the time of the Solstice, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres will reflect exact opposite seasons.

One hemisphere rises to meet the celestial equator above our Earth to seed new beginnings (Spring Equinox) whilst the other moves into rest and renewal (Autumn Equinox).

Every Equinox offers you the energy of Equilibrium. An open door to enhanced feelings of well-being, balance, harmony and a special sense of unity. During this time of deep planetary peace, the Earth’s intention is for you to have EQUAL acceptance of the light and dark aspects in you and in all living things.

If aligning with the Autumn Equinox energy (like Australia is now), you will be feeling the need to retreat, get off the grid, rest, listen and feel close to nature. There will be endings and a call for change, as reflected in the trees that are letting go of their leaves, surrendering old energy. Here you are gently softened, supported and inspired from a place of peace, to be calm and patient…with yourself and the world.

If moving into the Spring Equinox, you will feel motivated to step out of your cosy comfort zones and ‘spring’ into action. There will be new beginnings and this is reflected in the buds and blossoms of nature, urging you to shine and share your light.

For eons of time, the Elders, the Ancients, the Shamans, the Seers and the Witches have looked to the Equinox as a celestial ‘line of love’ and understood deeply, that the NURTURE of Earth Mother is celebrated through the NATURE of your Being.

Go in peace..bring balance to the world…all blessings beloved souls, Tanya xxx