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The Lady of the Lake and You in 2022

And the people gathered;
‘Dive into the depths’ she said
No. We will sink.
‘Dive into the depths’ she said
No. We will drown.
So she pushed. And they sunk. Then they swam. 
Then they surfaced in the living waters of Divine Revelation.
Awake to the light of their soul!


Behold the Lady of the Lake! She who is known by many names, including ‘the Initiator’, offers you in 2022 a challenge, a choice, an invitation to rise into your Divine destiny as you put down your daggers of divisive thought and reclaim Excalibur, the Sword of your Soul’s Truth.

The magical sword of Excalibur is carved on both sides; one side says ‘take me up’ and the other says ‘cast me away’. One side feels compelling, empowering and uplifting, the other side feels complacent, defeating and dense.

Do not despair if you cast away Excalibur once or often, for many choices will flow forth again and again, this is Her purpose; to foster personal growth through challenge. To draw forth from you, your courage, your creativity and your consciousness of your holy higher self.

The Lady of the Lake directs you into the depths of your being. How She shows you the sword of Excalibur can be gentle and subtle; symbols, songs and emotional triggers are Her preferred methods for manifesting more of your magnificence. Will you use the strength of the sword to cut the cords that drain you and detain you from your precious path of infinite possibility?

The Lady of the Lake guides you to gaze into Her still waters and sense all the symbolism that supports you; the Divine feminine flows of the cosmic womb that invoke your natural intuition and inspire radical responsibility through inner truth and integrity as you strive for higher perspectives, purpose and respect for yourself and the manner in which you relate to the world around you.

Are you ready to leave the shores of safety and separation to surrender to the mysteries of your own inner magic? Will you discard duality for the Unity of Divine Consciousness that embodies your birthright of profound peace, abundance, joy and love made manifest in your life?

Be pure of heart and Excalibur will find you, protect you and guide you in grace to your I AM presence of power and luminous light…2022 is revealing the truth of you. And your acceptance of the truth of your exquisite light will illuminate the world.

May your crown of consciousness glisten with golden light as you take up Excalibur and evolve the beauty of you in 2022.

All love, Tanya M AshaTara xxx

Artist: Dan Craig.