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The Meanings of Colour

"Colour holds a power which will illuminate your soul..."  Kadinsky

There is a presence and power in the vibration of the colours that you choose to wear, and that you choose to surround yourself with in your home; perhaps you have experienced being intuitively directed to adorn your body with specific colours or purchase specific coloured flowers and objects when you have felt happy or sad because aligning with certain colours can heal and harmonise your emotions to bring about greater feelings of happiness, well-being and joy.

I have put together a very simple guideline that will support your awareness of what you wear, buy and why.

Just as number sequences can repeatedly appear to gift us with guidance and reassurance, seeing particular colours or suddenly being drawn to wear different colours, can greatly help to shift your awareness and bring healing and understanding for where you are right now on your journey.

Below are some simple spiritual colour meanings; let your intuitive heart guide you to the perfect shades for your increased ‘soul shine’….

RED – Regeneration, rebirth, passion, purpose, physical and spiritual circulation.

CORAL – Increases connection to your Higher Self to magnify your intuition, opens flows of happiness, harmony and good fortune.

ORANGE – Deepens new awareness, supports clear communication to self and others, creates a sense of community, vibrant life force.

GOLD – Anchors the wisdom within you, blessings of beauty, enhanced feelings of wealth and well-being, feeling sunshine in your sacred skin, powerful protection from all that is not in alignment with the highest vibration of love.

YELLOW – Surrendering to the sweetness of your spiritual path, joy, balance, right relationship with self, new knowledge, increased willingness and powerful presence.

GREEN – Emotional healing, harmony, compassion, acceptance, love for the Earth and all living things, the grace and guidance of Green Tara, good fortune.

OLIVE GREEN – Clarity, ability to laugh at oneself as a rich spiritual quality, embracing the Fae kingdoms of magic and supernatural.

TURQUOISE – Crystal clear visions, emotional well-being, feelings of freedom to be your true self, going with the flow of oceanic wisdom, mermaid magic, currents of love moving to you and through you.

BLUE (Sapphire/sky) – enhancing the power of your spoken word, I AM…, co-creating new beginnings, Archangel Michael’s mighty protection, feeling your divinity, bringing in the blessings of the unseen support, prosperity.

INDIGO BLUE – Intuition, inspiration, trusting in your psychic senses, feeling connected to infinite possibilities for your soul path, seeking the Divine beyond the drama.

VIOLET – The flame of transmutation, transcending through forgiveness and love, consciously deepening your devotion and connection to the source of All That Just Is, powerful peace, trusting in the mystery and magic of the Universe, moving meditation.

PINK – Deep unconditional self love, feminine intuitive energy, awakening, leaving the past to live fully in the present…restoring right relationship with self and with others.

RUBY - Manifesting miracles, pure unconditional love, spiritual awakening, all soul illumination, a deep love for service to the whole…we rise together.

WHITE – Purity, feeling the flows of Christ Consciousness, beauty, bliss, expansive meditation, truth, integrity, love and joy.

SILVER - (could also translate as shades of grey in clothing) Deep intuition, feeling in alignment with Mother Moon, understanding the power of your intentions, the Divine Feminine flows of all wisdom, power and love.

BLACK - the womb of no-thing, the mystery of the black Madonna, sensing the vastness of the cosmic seas of creation, fertile foundation.

I hope this deepens your awareness of the colours that you cloak around the beauty of your body, home and spiritual being…this is very brief, but a beginning to the blessings of the frequencies of colour and co-creation.

May you live your life in ‘living colour’, knowing that you are blessed beyond belief, every day in every way.

All love… Tanya M AshaTara xxx