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The Solstice - Sweet Syrup of the Sun

As I write this on the eve of the Solstice, which lights up our lives tomorrow on June 21st, my heart feels so grateful for all of you! Grateful for your beautiful light that you shine and share into this world with so much love and leadership!

On the eve of the Solstice, the crystalline grid that connects all beings and the planet with the cosmic forces of light codes and light language, breathes  harmony into the beauty of your true nature and aligns you to the rhythm of Mother Earth’s heartbeat…the Great Central Sun is preparing to stand in stillness and bathe all beings with the sweet syrup of the Solstice rays.

The Solstice opens a window for the world to experience peace, balance, self-love and Divine inspiration. Regardless of what hemisphere/season you are in, embrace and embody the light of the spiritual Sun; let it be luminous in your heart, let it weave wellness and wisdom into your being, let it amplify the truth…that you are light!

Sweet syrup of the Sun,

Nurture my body, mind and soul

that I feel whole and deeply connected,

to the light that is directed through me!

May I shine like a thousand suns

and brighten the world with my love,

my joy and my gratitude….

In the Southern Hemisphere you enter into the container of the fertile night to ignite inner inspiration, vivid imagination and to heighten your psychic abilities as the veil lifts to support your inner shifts.

In the Northern Hemisphere the sun is shining bright and blessing you with renewed life force and flow. All of nature is buzzing with the brilliance of the the sunshine that is inspiring growth and great change.

Whether the solstice falls for you as the longest day of light or the shortest day of light, it is about creating ceremony with the Sun. It is an invitation for soul illumination, so please lift your face to the sun, light candles and embody the beauty of your LIGHT.

All blessings beautiful souls…Tanya xxx