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The Spirit of the Sea

This week I feel deeply connected to the ocean; perhaps as new restrictions wrap around our lives we intuitively feel to fall into the womb of the world, to lose ourselves and then find ourselves again, a little brighter and lighter than before.

The ocean is an incredible healer and a powerful place to reclaim your natural rhythm and right relationship with yourself. It also speaks into the area of your Sacral Chakra, the domain of your Inner Child and emotional well-being, and supports you to see the lighter side of life. To re-remember that laughter is the best medicine and playfulness the most potent pill…fun has a way of waving away your worries and clearing out confusion.

The spirit of the sea offers gifts to set us free; it will naturally increase the power of peace. The sound of the ocean is nature’s best lullaby; soothing your soul with the song of timeless tides, shifting and lifting you into higher frequencies of ‘feel good’ flows.

I love to surround myself with little offerings to the ocean; creating altars with shells, candles, driftwood and more. I am sure you will find something in my store to inspire you.

Love you to the beach and back…Tanya xxx