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The Stone of the Midnight Sun

The beautiful and rare combination of  Stichtite (purple) and Serpentine (green), also known as Atlantisite, can only be found on the west coast of Tasmania around the area of Zeehan.

When I relocated to Tasmania late last year, I had this deep calling to find a crystal that was mined exclusively in Tasmania and nowhere else in the world. This ‘calling’ guided me to research and discover this exquisite crystal.

A synchronistic outing enabled me to purchase 2 pieces that I found to be exquisite in their raw natural beauty, but nothing prepared me for what I would receive when I sat to meditate with them resting in the palms of my hands…with great clarity I was told, we are…

‘The Stone of the Midnight Sun’.

A warmth flooded my higher heart and travelled upwards, stretching across by entire forehead and through my Crown chakra. It was quite possibly the most expansive light energy I have ever experienced! I sensed I was moving through violet rays and my entire being was flooded with images and wording of Ancient Egypt, Alchemy, Peacocks, High Priestess, Mystery School Initiates, Temple Teachings, Hathor and LIGHT!

My emotional body was responding through the sweetest surrender of tears; as if all my suppressed feelings of fear and old insecurities were literally rising and releasing.  It was a profound spiritual healing and I emerged deeply aware of the divinity in me and felt so still, calm, centred and grounded.

I was intrigued by the ‘Midnight Sun’, thinking that perhaps I had only ever heard it before in a song, so of course turned to my good friend Google, and my heart melted in all that showed up to support my understanding. 

‘When mystics spoke of the Midnight Sun, they were not speaking of those periods when the physical sun shines at midnight in areas of the Arctic Circle. They were referring to the Spiritual Sun which shines down on us at midnight just as much as it does at noon, on cloudy days as well as clear ones…’ 

‘The Midnight Sun was also part of the mystery of alchemy. It symbolised the spirit in man shining through the darkness of his human organisms. It also referred to the Spiritual Sun in the solar system, which the mystic could see as well at midnight as at high noon, the material earth being powerless to obstruct the rays of this Divine orb…’ Manly Palmer Hall (secret teachings)

’The mysterious lights (Divine orbs) in those ancient Egyptian temples did represent the Midnight Sun, the Spiritual Sun. Those lights reminded the initiates that the Spiritual Sun is where they needed to turn to awaken and grow their innate spiritual faculties, and that could be done at any hour…’. Harold Boulette 

Stichtite Serpentine /Atlantisite holds a frequency of pure profound love. It is for self-love and the expansion of your I AM presence, the true divinity in you. It is for aligning with the holy violet fire surrounding your heart flame that accelerates your spiritual evolution and embodiment of Christ Consciousness. 

The Stone of the Midnight Sun holds ancient knowledge from both Atlantis and Lemuria, integrating the feeling that you are One with the Universe and opens your heart to loving and trusting in your true course, your soul’s Divine plan, whilst you experience an outpouring of compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and the most beautiful healing in your emotional body.

This is a crystal of creation; it offers radiant light for ‘inner sight’ and is an invitation to a deeply Divine connection and consciousness. I truly feel that this supreme stone is surfacing for those who are ready to RISE beyond duality and claim a new reality born of love, harmony and joy…behold the beauty of you in 2022.