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The Year of the Ox

On February 12th, we welcome the Year of the Ox as we farewell the challenging, confronting and yet very creative Year of the Rat.

 A year where our external world changed and forced a shift inward; it was an invitation to be inventive, intuitive and inspiring. An opportunity to experience feelings of freedom on the inside, whilst control and chaos roamed on the outside across the globe.

It feels good to now be wrapping our arms around the soft, gentle yin energy of the Metal Ox, enveloping the earth element to feel nourished and supported. Some of you may have already been unconsciously aligning with Ox energy through the sudden urge to surround your home environment with plants, to de-clutter, slow down and appreciate the joy in the simple things.

The spirit of Ox seeks to balance you, ground you and guide you into a peaceful place of sanctuary and stillness within. This sacred space supports you to remain unaffected by outside interference and in communion with your highest self…preservation for soul restoration.

Ox energy loves solid success. This is the year when the new projects, choices and ideas that landed last year will seed into fertile soils and grow. All your efforts will now evolve as you dissolve old rigid relationships with money and hard work and feel joyful in building your wealth your way.

Actually build is the best word for the Year of the Ox - build your faith (think ‘Field of Dreams’ phenomenal movie), build your frequency and build your fortune. Throughout 2021 be Prudent.

And before you turn away because the word Prudent conjures images in your mind of wrinkled people that shrink without life force…let me bring to your awareness the definition that Ox has to offer…

Prudence is the natural capacity of the soul to see the truth. Conscious thought and decisions that benefit the whole without traces of entitlement, that are then purified and elevated by Divine Grace.

Choose to see beyond all illusion, hold the hearts of humanity in your vibrant vision of a New Earth prosperity paradigm and stay connected to ‘unseen’ support.

There is one last element of Ox to embody for 2021 and beyond…

Be Kind!

Envisage yourself gazing into the big brown eyes of Ox…melting into pools of unconditional love…feeling seen, heard, acknowledged and understood…now share this with the world. Share your light without judgement of anyone or anything…simply Be Love.

All blessings of illumination and joy…Tanya xxx