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Beautiful Souls,

 I would love to take this opportunity to interrupt the broadcast of your mind that is quite possibly infected to a greater or lessor degree by the global marketing machine of fear and negativity, and remind you of a phenomenal gift given to you at birth...your intuition.

 How do I trust my intuition?

 Your intuition is a feeling; a flow or force that is felt within you, a certainty that cannot easily be put into words and may well be the opposite of logic and the societal norm, yet feels familiar, light and very loving.

 Through this 'feeling' you sense the presence of the Divine or Universal consciousness gently guiding you into new awareness of yourself and those around you...you seem to be receiving 'flashes' of insight and a pull into new perspectives and a much bigger picture for your life appears in positive waves of inner knowing.

 You will not feel afraid, rather fascinated by the new thoughts and ideas you are having that feel as if they have landed out of 'nowhere'...please TRUST that this is the beauty of your Higher Self communicating with your heart and leading you to love yourself and love the new choices that are being presented to you from the wisdom within. 

Your intuition naturally nurtures you through regular meditation and loving appreciation of the beauty in music, colour, nature and breathtaking landscapes that open your eyes to see through the Lens of Love and realise how wonderful you are!

 Only you can give your intuition the opportunity to inspire you and guide you into the fullness of your potential and power...Trust your feelings, trust yourself.

 May you be blessed beyond belief...Tanya xxx