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Venus - Queen of the Sky

Beautiful Soul Travellers,

Beginning around December 21st, planet Venus went into retrograde and will continue on this path until January 29th. As with Mercury retrograde, the planets do not ‘go backwards’ they simply slow down and offer the illusion that they are reversing. Venus energy is both earthly and celestial, and as she slows down, she is offering you an invitation to explore more of your sacred self.

This is a special time to contemplate the cosmos and consider your relationship to the vibrant values of Venus, Queen of the Sky. She brightens the universe with love, harmony, balance and beauty, highlighting your happiness and joy.

At this particular point on her path, she is asking you to open your awareness to the energy of others that surround your personal orbit. Are they lifting or lowering your vibration? It is your personal responsibility to guard your goodness, because your special spark of Divinity is co-creating new consciousness that is needed to nurture the great global shift.

The beautiful crystal of Rose Quartz holds all the vibes of Venus and is perfect for holding your heart in a love vibration…particularly now. During Venus retrograde some of you may have experienced being extra emotional and/or sensitive to the energies around you. Your intuition will have been heightened to help you stay focused on your bigger picture. There will have been natural endings and new beginnings, but most importantly, Venus is guiding you in her grace to take extra special care of you! 

The magic of ‘me time’ matters most! Love yourself so deeply that you become a Vessel for Venus and shine like the brightest star in the sky. Be the Queen of your Universe; feel sensual and sacred in your skin…beautify all your goodness that is within.

As a side note, Venus is also aligned with money. If your flows have slowed a little, perhaps this is a good time to evaluate your relationship with money too. Face your finances. Let good fortune find you free of fear, trusting that you are a Child of the Universe and abundance is beautiful and also your birthright.

All blessings of bright light and big love…Tanya xxx

Artist: Bri Buckley