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Virgo Full Moon Maiden - Wallflower greets Sunflower

Have you felt yourself sitting back a little bit lately, perhaps overthinking your next move in life? Structured Virgo is in the light of Mother Moon this month, which can translate as you feeling energetically a bit out of your depth and not fully grounded in your garden of growth and good fortune.

Let’s take a moment to re-remember some beautiful truths; you know that you have sown your seeds for success and the soils are shifting and gifting to you, little signs of confirmation, maybe number sequences, specific songs, words or chance encounters. Will you now please discard the weeds of worry that are impeding your natural growth? Can you do that?

A good gardener cares, prepares and moves on…trusting that Mother Nature can totally take it from here! And this is what you will do now too. Move away from the wall of ‘wondering’ and trust in the creative capacity of the cosmos.

Ignite your imagination, it’s your greatest gift! Visualise the biggest, brightest sunflower, perhaps a whole field of sunflowers, all stretching from fertile soils to the fullness of the Great Central Sun. Lift your face to this warm and welcoming light, feel the fire of your Divine spark and embrace your trust, your truth and your beauty…hug your heart!

You are nearing the evolving Equinox energy (March 21st) of expansion, and your sun salutations will be for a new season, a new story, a new chapter or vibrant vision of your field of dreams. Let it Go and Let it Grow - don’t mess with the magick of Mother Moon! She is calling for all wallflowers to greet the Sunflowers, that are the symbols of your spiritual and physical success.

All love and luminous light…Tanya xxx

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Artist: Jane Lantsman