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Magdalene's Lost Legacy

Magdalene's Lost Legacy

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 Magdalene's Lost Legacy


 Margaret Starbird


 Immaculate condition - like new




 Bear & Company


BOOK FORMAT  Paperback



This book was like a revelation for me! Whenever I have created a title or header, I have always counted the letters to see if they break down to a numerology that I love or has I understand why I intuitively do this.

Margaret Starbird teaches us that The New Testament contains wide use of gematria, a literary device that allows the sums of certain phrases to produce sacred numbers. She explores the hidden meanings behind these numbers, to reveal that the union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, formed a sacred partnership that was the cornerstone of Christ Consciousness.

To be perfectly transparent, this book is not an easy read. But I found that I could move through different chapters and find all the resources I needed to support my inner revelations and the beautiful blessings of beloved Mary Magdalene.