Quan Yin - Goddess of Compassion - Grace - Sacred Space

Quan Yin - Goddess of Compassion

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Quan Yin - Goddess of Compassion, guides you into the sanctum of your higher heart that you behold the Jewel of the Lotus...the divinity within you.

'Om Mani Padm Hum'

This is a beautiful digital print by Ascended Master portrait artist Gayliaa Berzin, from an approved place of purchase in Canada, so is of full integrity.

The face of Quan Yin supports you to see the rich beauty within you...Her smile of poise and grace, blessing you with peace, light and deep self-love.

I have chosen to frame Quan Yin in a ‘shadow box’ style, light timber frame that measures 38cm in height and 30cm in width.

May Quan Yin and her beloved Dragon reveal the Golden Pearl of your pure potential for 2021 and beyond.