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About Tanya M AshaTara

Tanya M AshaTara is the founder of Grace Sacred Space and has been shining and sharing her light for over a decade as a facilitator of Guided Meditation groups and Jewel School teachings. In recent years Tanya expanded her joy and heart for service by creating an online store of spiritual treasures to beautify your home and adorn your body temple.

Tanya believes that the biggest blessing for her as a mother and founder of Grace, is co-creating along side her beautiful daughter Georgia Allison, who brings her inspiring Insta influence and innovative ideas, that make magic happen! 

Tanya’s loving intention is always to guide you inward to the wisdom within you, and inspire transformation, clarity of purpose, profound joy and the feeling of freedom to celebrate your unique soul expression and birthright of prosperity and peace.

Tanya has a Guided Meditation Podcast offering 21 day journeys that are like syrup for your soul. They are a blessing to bring into your daily routine and you will soon discover that meditation becomes a non-negotiable in your life!


These Guided Meditations are available for you to enjoy on Apple Podcasts. Simply subscribe for free here and they can also be found on Google Podcasts for any Android Users.

The home office for Grace Sacred Space recently relocated from the Gold Coast, Queensland to Launceston in Tasmania. Tanya loves to support you on your soul path and assist you in creating sacred space, all enquiries are welcome.

May miracles follow miracles and blessings never cease...x