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Earth Day 2022

'Appreciate the beauty of nature that nurtures the beauty in you'

Mother Earth shows up and shines her beauty and abundant heart in the lush landscapes, fragrant flowers, healing herbs and in all living things, everyday in everyway!

May Earth Day 2022 inspire you, to make small changes that contribute ripples of renewal and restoration to this beyond beautiful planet that we call home.

I have listed below a few ideas that will freshen the environment and make you feel really good about helping in your own unique way…

*Invest in reusable straws, water bottles and ceramic travel cups for your coffee and tea. Be the change in your work place and inspire others to follow your fresh flow.

*Ditch all single-use plastics for reusable food storage containers…including those zip-lock bags that you place in your children’s lunchbox. Try out beeswax snack bags and wraps, they are the ultimate eco-friendly way to store snacks, sandwiches and leftovers…I purchased some a couple of years ago and love them!

*Plant a tree! And if that is not possible donate to a sustainable project like One Tree Planted. Definitely hug a tree and share your love!

*The Earth loves clean-ups! Go for a walk with a garbage bag and clean up the rubbish, especially plastics! Get friends and family involved.

*SUPPORT OUR POLLINATORS! Bring native bees and other pollinating creatures to your garden. Take some time to research the best plants for your location...and beegin!

*Gather the Fam and watch a documentary together. Netflix has so many to choose from that offer you the opportunity to learn more about our planet and making sustainable choices. It’s awesome to discover new places, cultures and the sheer beauty of the world we live in.

*Always remember ‘there are no passengers on Spaceship Earth, we are all crew’. Find and feel your willingness to create conscious change.

Sending big hugs of happy and a little love note to self…nothing changes until you do! Tanya xxx