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Full Moon in Capricorn - June 25th

Full Moon in Capricorn - The Honey Moon of the Heart

It is said that the word ‘Honeymoon’ came from the golden honey colour of the moon, that seemed to sweeten our nature and usher in feelings of love, happiness and freedom.

This captures the essence of the Capricorn Full Moon; where the sweet feelings within you that rose like a radiant sun during the Solstice, are still seeking to be a syrup for your soul’s illumination… that you shine your light super bright!

This moon magic is friendly, welcoming and waking you up to the way you walk your wonderful upon this planet. The old sea goat will not be fooled by illusions of the mind, for only your heart can navigate through dense energy and instigate inspiring change from within.

So close your eyes…smile…feel the warmth within you… sense golden goodness flowing to you and through you. Now take this sunshine into your soul and invoke swift success into every area of your life.

Make friends with your fears, they were imaginary after all, and choose to direct your dreams into reality, trusting that you are able to climb in creative ways to the top of the mountain..do it your way, there are no rules and there is no rush…navigate with the instrument of your intuition, it is faultless when held with faith.

Journey well and journey with Joy…I’ll meet you in the magic somewhere…Tanya xxx