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Full Moon in Pisces - A Spiritual Spell

Mother Moon thrives in the living waters of Pisces; her Divine feminine flows wash over you, cleanse you and carry you into the depths of your emotional body where you will surface under her spiritual spell.

This is the Dreamtime of Lunar Divine - there is no logic in this vast space, there is only your vibrant vision, your imagination and a communion with the Laws of the Universe.

Here in a sea of stars you feel the Divine Order of all things and you anchor your Star Being into the calm currents of Christ Consciousness where you resolve to evolve through trust…you trust in the truth of Love.

Under the spiritual spell of this emotional, intuitive, life changing moon, you will be aligning with the energy of the Equinox coming soon - the seasons are changing and so are you.

In the Divine Order of all things there is no coincidence; Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign, it represents both completion and creation, and this is what will be occurring for you now.  A door will close and another will open. Change or be changed, we will all experience a rebirth, a revelation, an awakening of some sort.

Whether the holy waters within you feel choppy or still (remember your physical anatomy is largely water) surrender to the symbolism of the Pisces fish and Go with the Flow! Swim in a spiritual spell where you are brightened and enlightened by the natural swell of peace…deep peace.

Peace will not be possible if the holy waters within you are weakened by resisting the changing tides…it’s ok if you feel your flow is a little murky or muddy…you came to lean into your personal power, not perfection!

Perhaps you could allow the possibility that Goddess Lunar Divine is messing with your mind, because overthinking will drain you, but dreaming will delight you and deliver you into the magick of her luminous love language, that can only be heard in your heart.

Will you listen and glisten with her mystery that is most definitely here to shake apart all the old history…for Her Way is Written in the Stars…will you look beyond the darkness for the dawn?

Only love soul travellers…only love. May you be blessed with the beauty of your birthright and reclaim your happiness, health, abundance and joy…Tanya xxx

***Full Moons are a magickal time for ceremony; an opportunity to Let Go and Grow. By feeling certain of what you don't want and what you are willing to discard, you open new doorways of direction.

Write it all out and burn beneath the glow of the glorious full moon. This particular moon is aligned with the oceans and the waters of the world, so I would recommend creating an altar with Jewels of the Sea, lots of candles and perhaps the beautiful Yemaya .