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Guided Meditation - Syrup for your Soul

Would you trade two cups of coffee for calm and creative inspiration?

 Have you experienced, to a greater or lesser degree, feelings of struggle, stress, indecision, confusion and possibly a lack of purpose and joy?

 You are definitely not alone in these feelings. It isn't easy to 'do life' in a global climate that can seem confusing and a little scary. The daily juggling of career, finance, family and good health is a bit stressful!

 Sustaining meaningful relationships with partners, friends and co-workers can seem challenging, because the dense energy of stress depletes your life force and creates feelings of isolation. Basically, you have days when you feel that there are more obstacles than opportunities landing in your life!

 I love to think of Guided Meditation as 'yoga for the heart'. The presence and power of voice and visualisation, guiding you from your head to your heart, invokes profound peace and a connection to the radiant realms of light and the Source of All That Just Is.

 I have been facilitating in-person guided meditation groups for over 10 years and online for about 4 years. At this stage, I only offer my 'live' meditations within my private Facebook group of Temple AshaTara. I am a medium, so all my meditations are 'channeled' through Divine inspiration and often you will feel like I am speaking directly to you!

 In a safe, serene space, I offer 21-day meditation journeys with a specific focus, like 'Love is in the Earth', 'Co-Creating with the Colour Rays', 'The Grace of Green Tara' and many, many more.  All daily meditations stay in the space for you to enjoy when it resonates if you cannot join me Live at 6.25am. (there are members from all over the world)

 If you feel ready for renewal, restoration, change and fresh inspiration, then you will love Guided Meditation with me! For the cost of 2 cups of coffee a month ( $10/month) you can access a huge library of guided meditation journeys, as well as the current journey.

Take a leap of faith to flourish! Click here it will take you to my private group. Please answer the questions, because I am very protective of the beautiful souls already in the group and I will not admit you if you don't.

 I always feel it is a good idea for you to explore and experience the meditations before joining. I will admit you and then message after about a week for membership's a 'try before you buy' kind of vibe.

 Shine and share your light...I look forward to seeing you in Temple AshaTara...only love, Tanya xxx