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How to Align Your Energy with Your New Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a powerful tool of support for your spiritual growth and soul's perfect plan. It's exciting when you purchase a new deck and to heighten the joy of this experience I have shared a few tips with you below...

*When you first 'unbox' your new cards, gently separate each card and experience the beauty of the artwork.This is to get the air circulating around them as they can often be a bit 'sticky' from the original packaging. 

 *Follow this step by holding the deck in your left hand. Clench your right hand into a gentle ‘fist’ and bring your knuckles down onto the cards with a force of love to ‘crack’ and clear the energy, this will birth a new moment in time.

 *Now hold the cards between the palms of both hands in a prayer position.  Quieten your mind, soften your breath and welcome feelings of stillness and sanctuary.

 *Have a little meditation and ask that Divine wisdom and inspiration flow through these cards to support your soul path in powerful ways. Ask that the right cards always reveal themselves to you in the right way. Feel your heart open to receive the guidance and grace that will bless you with new beginnings...have gratitude.

 *Gently shuffle the cards and allow one to reveal itself to you naturally.You may find it ‘pops’ out of the pack or you simply know which card to select. It is important to remember here that you are hugely intuitive and connected, feel the freedom to create your own process for experiencing your new oracle card deck. You will also find that the Guidebook offers suggestions for a deeper reading with your chosen deck.

 *Always remember that you are a radiant being of light and all wisdom is within you. Oracle cards simply serve to enlighten you with the beauty of your true Divine nature and knowing...

 All love beautiful souls, thank you for shining and sharing your light...Tanya x