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Is Claircognizance Your Superpower?


You ‘know’ without knowing exactly how you know. Great wisdom flows to and through you – you are the record keeper, the “librarian of the Light Worker”.

Your angelic nature lends itself easily to service and you love to help if you are able...do not divulge all that you can understand too quickly to another; remember all beautiful Beings must come to their own knowledge in their own time.

You can get easily frustrated when people seem ignorant of their own out-dated patterns and conditioning...you must walk with the value of patience and apply this discipline to all areas of your life.

You love to journal and ‘automatic writing’ is a gift you access with ease. You sometimes feel that you have a lot of information to download and your crown chakra may feel pressured when you need to release the energies available to you...know and trust this sign, learn to discern between an actual headache and energy that needs to flow.

Red Carnelian (see meaning below) is a beautiful touchstone for you to feel a little more grounded on the planet. More than any of us, especially during this global change, you are awake to the information that is being ‘hidden’ on a large political and planetary scale.

You are the ‘Einstein’ of intuitive learning and you are very much ‘self-taught’ in many areas because you can easily access and channel all the information that you need to know.

Daily meditation is a non-negotiable! It helps you to quieten your mind and move ‘it to the side’ so you remain a clear and perfect channel for Divine inspiration.  Your daily language consists of phrases like “I just know”, “I understand”, “I know your heart”, “I know you” and "I know what to do now".

Grounding with nature and the sacred soils is also essential. You need to feel your foundation in order to ‘know’ your connection.

The Snake and the Owl are your best allies; Snake offers you spiritual guidance and assists with increasing your energy levels, change and transition. Owl offers a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge and the inspiration and guidance to see beyond all illusions. Their medicine is magical for you and your work. You also understand past lives and can naturally interpret dreams with ease...you just seem to know what they mean.

There is a story that the great sages of our time walked with the wisdom of the ancients beside them and accessed information freely. You have this gift; number sequences, signs, symbols and the teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools all make perfect sense to you when you are tuned into Source energy. You know the significance of these signs instantly when they appear, and trust totally in their guidance for your life.

Red Carnelian – This stone enhances concentration, courage and confidence. It carries the stories and the records of our planet, reflecting life energy and knowing into your body.

Use all my shared information as a guideline. Perhaps you have your own intuitive understanding to add and expand on what I have presented. It is possible to access beautiful guidance just by paying attention to Earth Mother. She is always speaking to us, nurturing us and reminding us that all is energy and nothing is truly as it seems.

All blessings...Tanya xxx