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July Full Moon in Aquarius

You are living life in the midst of massive transformation; experiencing your own personal revelation of how you wish to walk this global shift in consciousness. How powerfully perfect that this full moon…and the next, are both in Aquarius.

Aquarius is an Air sign, presenting as the Water Bearer; so it is a good time to get emotionally invested in how you really feel about the flow of change in your life.

When Aquarius is magnified by the magnificence of Mother Moon and her full moon glow, you should know, that your uncertainty is seeking clarity, it is a ‘reveal to heal’ energy. If you feel a little messy, trust that your message is ready to rise.

Aquarians value the right to walk their own way, regardless of what others may say - they are the true Warriors! They hold a huge heart space for a world where you are free to be, all that you choose to be!

The cosmic call right now is for you to ‘find the courage to be clear about your character!’ Will you walk as a Warrior of Light? Will you walk unaffected by the media mess and embody your message…your soul’s truth?

A true warrior walks unafraid and will seek to ‘vibe with a tribe’ that shares the same beautiful values; that considers deeply the desire of Earth Mother and the ultimate ‘Global Good’.

They walk the Way of Love trusting in the total ‘unseen’ support from above - are you a Torchbearer for these times? Will you be a a true Warrior and walk your wonderful upon this planet, unaffected, yet Divinely directed?

‘Let the cause that speaks to you, be the one that you are devoted to…’ Rachel Chapman

This energy is for healing the old and revealing your gold! All energetic healing modalities will be super supportive for your soul…take time to nurture you through Guided Meditation, Crystals, Reiki, Yin Yoga, Sound Baths, Drumming or whatever resonates strongly for you.

May you all find the courage in your character to awaken the Warrior within…all blessings of illumination…Tanya xxx


Artist: Annelie Solis