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Libra Full Moon in March

Oh how heavenly to cruise into the cosmos with the enlightened energy and equilibrium of the Equinox now guiding you to the beauty, grace and fullness of Mother Moon and Goddess Libra who will help calm the multitude of mind thoughts that have been circling your head like the spin cycle of your washing machine.

 Your primary thoughts this past week will have highlighted various versions of the question ‘What Do I Want to do Now?’ Or ‘What Direction will I Take?’ And possibly a bit of negative natter in between.

 Please take comfort and trust that your soul is seeking to flow with the currents of Christ Consciousness as you enter the energy of Easter; which perhaps you should contemplate more as a verb than a noun and consider Resurrection as a daily spiritual practice.

 What would you love to resurrect from within to beautify your life?

 I am going to suggest a deep dive in a meditative state perhaps by the ocean with a journal and pen, but before beginning anything, set aside some time for Spiritual Hygiene and sage your home and yourself! This will create a fresh pure space to support a re-awakening of your inner magic and the power of love.

 Resurrection spells renewal, rebirth, inspiration and connection and I have listed below some possibilities for divining new direction;

 *BE PRESENT…no further explanation needed for this transformational phenomenon.

 *Surround yourself with beauty. See it, hear it, feel it - the universe offers a smorgasbord of exquisite beauty to savour as sacred and special.

 *Resurrect your creativity.Through what medium does your soul love to express freedom, abundance and joy. What have you forgotten? That you love to dance, sing, write or ignite others?

 *Laugh a lot! When you delight in staying light and finding joy in all the little things you are practicing resurrection and being a beacon of hope.

 *Pause in prayer often. Devotion sets in motion your capacity to magnify more of your magnificence…resurrect that golden glow, adjust your invisible crown and wear your earth angel wings…this is permission to empower the prophet/priestess potential that you have kept hanging in your closet for too long.

 Every day decide to be reborn. Decide to be a better version of you. Decide to love you, nurture you, celebrate you, and let this flow forth from you and illuminate the world.

 Big big love and virtual hugs…I am cheering you on because your enthusiasm for resurrection in your life, totally blesses mine…xxx